Why Choose Our Skin Care Clinic for a Facial?

1. We Understand Your Skin Type

We often take our skin for granted, but it is a complex part of the body that deserves attention. Your skin protects you from microbes, the elements, absorbs moisture and regulates body temperature. Not to mention giving you your sense of touch. When cared for properly, the skin you are in will perform all of these tasks well, and help you look radiant! From a facial to quick and efficient hair removal, we can do it all.

At Lena Skin Care NYC, we understand every skin type. When you visit, we do a thorough analysis, using specialized equipment to determine the treatments that would be the best. From acne treatment to micro-needling, deep cleansing, chemical peels, or rejuvenating masks, your technician determines what your skin needs the most.

The goal of Lena Skin Care is to get to know you and your skin so well that we become your local skincare expert. Let’s work together to keep this all-important body protector working and looking beautiful! Call Lena Skin Care and love yourself, by loving your skin.

2. Our Gentle Cleaning Restores Your Skin

Healthy skin is a must. At Lena Skin Care, we work hard to get your skin condition balanced with the right pH level, nutrients, and proper level of hydration to keep your skin regenerating and breathing beautifully every day. Our facial treatments and customized masks and peels will allow your skin to renew itself at a cellular level.

After a thorough, gentle cleaning, our esthetician inspects your skin, looking for patches with dry, dead cells, broken capillaries, or sensitive areas prone to breaking out. They will assess your skin texture and determine which treatment is best suited to your skin type. Facials, masks, and peels are great for deep cleaning and promoting regeneration. Proper waxing is also essential. Our bikini wax, body wax, and Brazilian wax methods are quick, thorough, and painless. At Lena Skin Care, we use only the highest quality, natural products that result in smooth, silky skin every time.

3. Our Customized Skin Care Leaves You Glowing

The most important member of your skincare team is YOU! Lena Skin Care will provide you with the highest quality treatments, but we also have customized skincare products designed for your skin type and lifestyle, without any unnecessary additives or chemicals. Our facial or skin treatments, from masks and peels, to body waxing or micro-needling, the result is always smoother, more glowing skin.

But, these improvements can fade if you don’t learn the ins and outs of excellent skin care at home. At Lena Skin Care, we will design a custom skincare regimen tailored to fit easily into your schedule and budget. We’ll teach you how to achieve long-lasting skin health at home, and combine it with it regular, affordable skin treatments at our beautiful skincare center.

Life is stressful and hectic. What better way to love yourself than to take time out to care for your skin? Let’s work together to keep it breathing, regenerating, and glowing.

4. Your Comfort is Our Concern

Whether your skin is oily, dry, or perhaps some combination of the two, it is vital to find and maintain balance. Oil production, skin sensitivities, or an inclination to dry skin is very much a part of your DNA. However, the condition of your skin is also affected by what you eat, your age, water intake, sleep patterns, hormone levels, and so much more.

The good news is that, with proper skin treatments and habits, your skin has an amazing elasticity and the ability to regenerate at a cellular level. If you suffer from acne, blackheads, wrinkles, sun spots, or dry, scaly patches, or dull neglected skin, we can help. Our estheticians are experienced and trained to get to know your skin type, inside and out.

Our clinic is a clean and comfortable space. Your visit will begin with a skin analysis, followed by a relaxing, renewing facial treatment by a skincare expert. We’ll get to the bottom of your skin issues, administer the proper treatment, and recommend products that do NOT contain preservatives or fragrances that can trigger more problems than they solve.

5. We Use the Very Best Products

Skincare is an essential aspect of health, but let’s FACE it! Regular, proper skin care treatments by a professional practitioner are the way to younger, more vibrant skin. At Lena Skin Care, we are experts at natural remedies and products dedicated to helping you achieve and keep that radiant glow. Our facials and skin treatments will support your skin’s natural ability to regenerate, rehydrate, and gets it back to being healthy.

We specialize in luxurious facials, professional body and face waxing, and treatments for all types of skin conditions. Super cleansers and pore cleaning removes environmental toxins. Dry patches and wrinkles respond to moisturization and proper therapy for collagen repair. If you suffer from acne breakouts or blackheads, we’ve got all-natural products and scrubs that can solve your concerns. Or, come and see us for a body, bikini or Brazilian wax, and leave with smooth, silky skin.

Our estheticians are experienced and will get to know your skin inside and out, as we become your local skincare clinic.

Call to Schedule an Appointment

We often take our skin for granted, but its the first thing that people see, and it deserves care and attention. The specialists at Lena Skin Care NYC, understand every skin type and have experience in treating all types of skin conditions. Or, if you simply need to rejuvenate your skin, we can do that as well.

The goal of Lena Skin Care is to get to know our clients well, and become their local skin care expert. Let’s work together to keep this all important body protector working and looking wonderful! Call Lena Skin Care to schedule an appointment today, and love yourself by loving your skin. Call Lena Skin Care at (347) 289-3879 and be on your way to leave with renewed, beautiful skin.