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What are facials for acne removal?

Whether you are dealing with adult acne or you have a teen who is considering the best acne treatment options, you may be surprised to learn that a trip to the dermatologist isn’t always a must. In fact, for those who are dealing with mild acne or the occasional breakout, an acne treatment facial provided by a professional could be just the solution.

At Lena Skin Care, Lena provides clients of all ages with pimple treatments designed to remove excess oils and dead skin as well as clean out dirt and particles that might otherwise clog the pores. Not only does extraction help to reduce acne and the occurrence of breakouts, but it also calms inflammation and soothes the skin so as to create a more youthful, revitalized glow.

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What happens during a facial for acne removal?

Before beginning the treatment itself, Lena begins by thoroughly cleansing and exfoliating the face. Once the face has been thoroughly cleaned the extraction process can begin. In order to properly extract the dirt from the pores, Lena will either utilize a cotton ball and manual pressure on either side of the pore or will take advantage of extraction-specific tools that help make the process even more efficient and comfortable.

Once the pores have been cleaned, Lena will apply products designed to remove the dead skin cells from the face. While the materials used may differ depending upon the individual needs of the client, the use of glycolic and salicylic acids is most common as they are often the most effective means of treating blemishes without harsh side effects. Once the treatment is complete, Lena will provide you with suggestions on how to best care for your skin while at home between treatments.

There are a number of benefits to pursuing acne facials at this Manhattan clinic. For one, many clients report experiencing a marked reduction in facial acne. For another, these treatments have been associated with reduced inflammation and redness as well, which means that clients are far less likely to experience severe, continued breakouts.

One of the other great things about these facials is that they are largely side-effect free! While some individuals do experience some redness and mild irritation afterward, this is always temporary and subsides within a few hours of the treatment. Lena is also always open to questions and to adjusting her approach. If you have sensitive skin and you are concerned about the effect that extraction will have on your face, let Lena know. She will customize your treatment accordingly so that you can get the most benefit with the least amount of discomfort.

How many visits will I need to see results?

It’s important to keep in mind that results are rarely immediate. While it’s definitely possible to see results straight away, it often requires multiple, frequent visits in order to experience the long term benefits of extraction as well as acne scar treatment. The number of visits required will largely depend on how severe the hormonal acne or acne scars are as well as the skin irself. For those who are dealing with significant acne scars on face as well as pimples, it can often require several visits before real results are seen. Along with pursuing professional care, it’s also important to practice proper skin care at home. This can make an enormous difference in your overall results. Also, keep in mind that very severe acne will often not benefit as well from this type of adult and teen acne care. In some cases, a trip to the dermatologist may be the best possible option. With that being said, always feel free to ask Lena for her opinion. With over 20 years of experience, she is well-versed in both at-home skin care as well as in professional treatments, so she can definitely guide you toward the best course of action.

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Acne Removal Manhattanville NY

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